COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has exacerbated and amplified deeply rooted inequities in East San Jose. To address this, the Collective jumped in to support.


The Guerreras provided critical support to our community from 2020-2023 during the COVID-19 pandemic. This group of resident leaders were trained by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department and served on the frontlines by going door-to-door to share resources, information, COVID tests, and reassurance to families.

Our Guerreras come from a long line of Promotoras who were trained on health, justice and popular education in Mayfair. Most had been part of local campaigns for children’s literacy, environmental justice, education, housing and more.

They chose the title of Guerrera (“Warrior”) because they understood how deadly COVID-19 was for our neighbors, and were committed to responding with relentless courage.

people reached through community events

people referred to the Collective from 2022-2023

people engaged through doors knocking

Collective Impact

Our agencies responded to COVID-19 by providing residents with basic needs and equipping residents with information to
keep their families healthy.

farm boxes delivered

in rental assistance

vaccines administered

reached through Protegete Campaign

COVID-19 tests distributed to residents

pieces of PPE distributed to Residents