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We can help you start your own small business in food or childcare through our Jobs to Grow program.

Jobs to Grow

Jobs to Grow is a program that helps East San Jose residents start their own business in food or childcare. Participants in the program take part in a series of workshops, coaching sessions, and networking opportunities. Grail Family Services leads their ABCE participants to become childcare providers while Veggielution teaches Eastside Grown participants to become food entrepreneurs.

You can learn more about the full impact of our Jobs to Grow
program in our Year 2 Evaluation Report.

Start Your Own Business

If you are interested in starting your own food business:Please reach out to Veggielution at


If you are interested in starting your own childcare business:
Please reach out to Grail Family Services’ Community Navigator directly at (916) 800-8439 or

Grail Family Services

Maria Ide Contreras, Eastside Grown Participant

“There’s a lot of information in the classes, and I hope to have my own business. God willing, we’re heading forward. With the information I’ve collected, I’m thrilled with it because there are many bases they give us. One day I would like to invite someone like myself because I’ve absorbed so much information.”

Maria Ide Contreras
Eastside Grown Participant

Nayeli Perez, ABCE Participant

 “Jobs to Grow program is about training us to establish a childcare facility business, and in this program. They teach us about finances, how to manage childcare, nutrition for children, and more… We do this program at home, via the internet; on occasions, we do in-person classes, but there aren’t many, and most of them are via Zoom. I hope to learn good strategies to care for the children, and how to manage my business.”

Nayeli Perez
ABCE Participant