Past Advocacy Campaigns

Deeper Democracy

We are committed to creating spaces for community decision-making and to protecting our right to organize without fear of retaliation.

Election Day Party

Through our Election Day Party, we wanted to encourage all who can vote, to do so.  Voting is an important part of democracy and we want to make sure that our community is participating in this process – this allows us to elect leaders that will represent you, us, and our Mayfair community. 

For those who are unable to vote, there are ways to make your voice heard. We informed residents on current political issues locally and nationally. Made sure they knew what was on the ballots and what they stood for. Even if someone cannot vote, they can make their voice heard on different platforms by participating in our campaigns.

Power Not Fear

SSPC’s goal is to build a movement that engages Mayfair/East Side families in a deeper democracy and builds community power to hold decision makers accountable and create positive changes for our neighborhood.

Our “Power Not Fear” Campaign addressed the following:

  • Low census response rates in Mayfair/East Side which have caused a loss of political power and unequal re-distribution of resources.
  • Low voting turnout caused by voter suppression, low voter registration, lack of voter education, not having the right to vote, language and other social barriers.
  • The national climate of fear that attempts to deny our humanity and decrease our involvement in the democratic process


We believe everyone has the right to live without being exposed to toxic pollution in the soil they farm, the air they breathe, the food they eat, and the water they drink.

Close Reid-Hillview Now Coalition

Lead emissions from Reid-Hillview Airport (RHA) are dangerous to East San José residents. The Close Reid-Hillview Now Coalition is organizing residents to call for an end to this environmental racism.  For decades, community voices have been ignored while elected leaders have listened to the interests of the few people who regularly access the airport.


Health Care

Health care is a fundamental human right. Everyone should have access to quality health services they need to thrive.

County Health Care Expansion

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a plan to expand access to health care to approximately 20,00 families who do not have health coverage, including Guerreras, Promotoras, and Job to Grow cohort. They plan to expand the Primary Care Access Program to people with income up to 400% of the federal poverty level. Families making less than $106,000/year may be eligible for healthcare services at community health centers in Santa Clara County.


We want affordable housing to be seen as a human right that improves kids’ success at school and meets families’ needs.


Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (COPA)

The Community Opportunity to Purchase Act helps our fight against displacement on the Eastside of San José! COPA is a program that gives qualified nonprofits (QNP) the right to make the first offer to buy a property when it goes up for sale. Properties purchased through COPA would become permanently affordable to the families who already live there.

COPA’s goals are to prevent displacement of our most impacted communities; stabilize housing, maintain permanent affordability and community ties; build assets and economic empowerment of tenants and communities; and create potential pathways to homeownership for very-low and extremely-low income residents.

COPA was recommended to be adopted by the Housing Department in March 2023 and the City Council voted not to pursue it as policy in April 2023.

Community Development Corporations

Community Development Corporations (CDC) are non-profit organizations that are created to support and revitalize communities. They’re often focused on affordable housing and are involved with other community services. 

Santa Clara County voted to fund a CDC grant program that gives residents the power to decide how to develop and maintain the neighborhood. With this funding, we could explore policies that would give nonprofits a role in acquiring, developing, and managing properties that increase community-owned affordable housing, economic, and cultural assets. The County has also recently approved a proposal for $250,000 of funding to SOAC to pursue the acquisition of the property across the street from the Mexican Heritage Plaza as part of SOAC’s community development plan and program expansion

CDCs are a tool to prevent displacement and give residents the power to build the communities they envision.